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A little about WFTW:
Wheelers for the Wounded (WFTW) is an organization with the primary mission of providing a weekend of off-roading, camping, and in some cases fishing, to our country’s wounded military members all over the United States. This will provide them with much deserved fun and excitement as they traverse the most extreme terrain our great country has to offer in a variety of the best off-road capable vehicles ever built. On the weekend of April 4-5, 2009, the WFTW program began in Florida. From there, off-road clubs all across the United States will be hosting WFTW events in their areas. Riding with the groups will give the wounded service members an opportunity to ride along in a variety of modified off-road vehicles, which will surely bring smiles to the faces of our esteemed passengers. At nightfall, they will camp out in the most beautiful parks and forests in the country. The secondary mission of the WFTW program is to increase awareness about our country’s men and women in uniform in the hope others will do something nice for our service members. This is not a political website in support of one party or another, or in support of past wars or the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or against them. The only support here is for the American men and women in the armed services.

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WTFW Donation Decal $5.00
Club koozie
FRJC is proud to be the only Wheelers for the Wounded chapter in IL. With a $5 donation, you will receive this decal to display proudly.